26th travel

I go to make new music video minuet in Am of johann kregier
Its very powerful music ...... like and subscribe YouTube channel to watch

25.1th travel

DARK AUTUMN it is a light guitar music video from my teacher (Jamal Kharrazi)
Jamal Kharrazi music composer music arranger guitarist
Shahriar Vaghf Rahmani orchestration composer lyricist
guitarist vocalist
special thanks to: BahArt

26th travel comming soon

Tower Night
4 white-tailed eagles fly and going to the moon.
Century of seventeenth ,
December 24, Nuremberg at 8 o'clock.
Heavy snowfall and wind.
I'm walking in the snowy streets
There are four empty sheet musics in my hand.
I get to a Christmas market that all people are rushing to buy.
I find my pine tree behind the fourth Christmas store.
From the white mask that hang on.
When I take the tree, the sheets will fall from my hand and they will go with wind and be lost in the dark.
I'm walking a few steps with sadness
and entering the 21st century

Tehran at 11:30 am
On the stony street, in front of the church.
Sunny weather, is not snowy, it's hot!

I'm opening my scarf, shaking the snow out of my shoe. I understand an old man on that side of the street that he surprisingly with snow under my shoes, my scarf and a pine's tree in my hands then he Gazing to my face.

I take my hat from my head, I pay tribute and go to the church,

I'm putting the tree at the side of the do…
merry Christmas, in advance.
I am making an amazing music video, in advance.
Forgive me
I'm so tired after Carmina Burana
I'm relaxing, changing my applications, teaching & practicing guitar and reading books  now.
2 months later I'll start making a new music video. And if I miss you, I'll start sooner.
but I should waiting just for you. cause I want work energetic and make a difference

25th travel

carmina burana
new arrange for solo classical guitar

it's the first professional video of me
and you can see previously good videos on travels of 1,7,13,15,16,18,21,22,23,24